We use compelling editorial content across all formats to give customers a sense of belonging and strengthen ties with the brand. Our company signature and the very hallmark of our style is flair and high-creativity combined with sound strategy and service excellence.

Our experience in Publishing is unrivalled. 35 years in the magazine industry from Cosmopolitan to Playboy and Men’s Health to Shape and Elle. Plus numerous custom magazines (See Magazines). Writing, editing, and publishing. We understand which editorial buttons to press to inspire, motivate and intoxicate your customers whether up-market, middle market or down market.


The LUXE MEDIA philosophy is to cherry pick the best talent to fit your brand communications. We are a bespoke, boutique communications agency in that we tailor-make a custom media publication to fit you, rather than shaping you to fit in with something we’ve already got, or copying somebody else’s model. We focus on creating a specialist workable strategy that is unique to your particular situation and market segment. We are not all things to all people. We are specialist, targeted, focused and niche.  We think like Samurai. First we isolate your target market then we surround them and cut them off before seducing them with your brand experience; in the most charming way possible, of course.

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To take advantage of our experience and knowledge call: Paul Kerton 078 182 7722